About Us


Shane Warder grew up in the small town of Hayward, Wisconsin. He comes from a family of hard working business owners. With that, he was taught that a handshake isn’t just a handshake, it is a bond and an agreement. Shane decided to have his business name be his last name, because he puts his name on all of his work, and is proud of it. Warder Electric employees share these same values, which ensures high quality work and friendliness.


Our mission is not only to provide you with the project of your dreams, but to make every step of the way an enjoyable process. Let us take the stress away from you so you can enjoy watching your dreams come to life.


We offer a completely custom process every step of the way. At Warder Electric we will give the homeowner what they want at a valuable price. Our experienced staff will answer any questions you have along the way.