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Our skilled team specializes in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance your home’s efficiency and security. From installing smart thermostats that optimize energy consumption to setting up state-of-the-art security cameras for unparalleled protection, Warder Electric takes your smart home aspirations to the next level. We also specialize in installing popular devices like Ring doorbells, smart lighting systems, fiber optic, Ubiquiti security cameras with or without home storage, ethernet, point to point, high speed ethernet, Starlink and home automation hubs. Trust us to create a connected and intuitive environment, where every aspect of your home responds to your preferences. Elevate your lifestyle with Warder Electric’s comprehensive smart home solutions, combining innovation and reliability for a modern, interconnected living experience.

Smart Home


From installing smart thermostats for energy efficiency to setting up security cameras and Ring doorbells for enhanced safety, Warder Electric caters to all your smart home needs. We also specialize in wiring and installing popular smart home products, including smart lighting systems, home automation hubs, and voice-activated assistants. Trust us for comprehensive smart home solutions that bring convenience, efficiency, and connectivity to every corner of your home. Choose Warder Electric for a modern, intelligently wired living space that reflects your lifestyle preferences.

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We offer a completely custom process every step of the way. At Warder Electric we will give the homeowner what they want at a valuable price. Our experienced staff will answer any questions you have along the way. Our mission is not only to provide you with the project of your dreams, but to make every step of the way an enjoyable process. Let us take the stress away from you so you can enjoy watching your dreams come to life.

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