Panel Upgrades


As technology improves and the use of electrical devices increases, older electrical systems may not be sufficient to provide enough power to your home. If your power supply is inadequate or unreliable, or you’re planning an expansion of your electrical system, an electrical panel upgrade may be in order.

If you are planning a wiring change, construction project, or have problems with your electricity, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel or breaker box. Warder Electric can complete your project with ease. We will evaluate your current fuse box or breaker panel to determine if repairs, expansion, or a new electrical panel is needed to keep your home safe and efficient.

After inspecting the panel and discussing the job with you, we can determine the complexity of the job and give you an estimate of time and cost involved. When it’s time for the panel upgrade project to begin, Warder Electric will pull local permits and get to work. Our license and insurance can give you confidence that the job will be done correctly and safely.

  • Panel Upgrade
  • Service Upgrade
  • Energy Efficient